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Yoga for good. 

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Help an animal.

Your MIND, BODY, and SOUL will appreciate it.

Join me for a virtual, gentle Hatha yoga class. There is a donation fee of $5 in which all proceeds will be donated to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. 

Tuesdays at 9:30am

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Rochelle Christensen

I successfully completed the two-year 'Yoga Teacher Training' course at Georgian College; a registered school with the Yoga Network of Canada - YNC. 

The tradition in which I was trained was in Raja Yoga; the 8 limbs of yoga. I have now taught for just over 15 years. The classes that I teach are Hatha-based yoga, in which we practice postures and breathwork, ultimately, to bring better control of our thoughts. In cultivating this awareness, we aim for better harmony within our bodies and mind. 


Why do I want to donate to an animal organization?


By creating awareness that all animals matter, maybe we can create a better future for the many that are forgotten and neglected. 


I truly believe that every animal is deserving of dignity and compassion. 


If I am able to help, I am ready to do so. I am thankful to have the resources, knowledge, and time to dedicate to this class.

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